Houghton Regis Cemetery

The Cemetery is accessible to the public year-round, although the Council retains the authority to restrict public access if deemed necessary at any point.

Houghton Regis Town Council oversees the management of Houghton Regis Cemetery, ensuring it remains meticulously maintained to uphold a serene environment. The cemetery operates in compliance with approved Cemetery Regulations.

We kindly request all visitors to adhere to the regulations governing the Cemetery during their visit.

For cemetery fees please click here. For cemetery regulations please click here.

All Saints Churchyard

All Saints Churchyard has been officially closed, this means that no further internments in new plots are permitted, and responsibility of its upkeep and maintenance has been passed to Houghton Regis Town Council.

For queries relating to the Church please contact:

All Saints’ Parish Church
Tel: 01582 867593 
Email:  church@allsaints.co.uk
Website: www.allsaintshr.co.uk

For queries relating to the Churchyard please contact Houghton Regis Town Council:

Tel: 01582 708540
Email: info@houghtonregis-tc.gov.uk

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