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'Making Houghton Regis an attractive and vibrant place to live and work'

The Houghton Regis Ranger is a new initiative from Houghton Regis Town Council (with support from Central Bedfordshire Council) which provides a ‘See It Sort It’ service to those small scale  problems and issues in the town which are an eyesore and / or an inconvenience.

Please let the Ranger know about these types of problems: 

  • Street cleaning / maintenance within a public space
  • Litter / Fly tipping (small scale and non-hazardous)
  • Overhanging bushes / shrubsWeeds / Leaf clearance
  • Graffiti / Vandalism
  • Other similar or related activities. Please specify

Reporting a problem is easy. Just provide the following details through the Link:

  • Tell us what is the issue ie graffiti, fly tipping, overhanging bushes / shrubs
  • Tell us where the issue is. If you are in the location of the issue the Ap will register the location or if you are reporting the issue from home you will be asked to provide the address of the nearest  residential property or other significant landmark such as local shop, park etc
  • You then upload a photograph of the issue to help us resolve it as soon as possible.
  • And if you choose we can even update on you on progress if you provide us with your email address.


Submit your report


What happens next?

Once you have contacted the Ranger the issue will be investigated and acted upon as soon as possible.

Thank you for helping us to look after Houghton Regis!

If you spot problems such as potholes, OTHER Highways problems or faulty street lights please  report these direct to Central Bedfordshire Council by following this link:

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